S1 English Language

Unit 4 Fun with sports

Part A Vocabulary

1. We use recycled materials to make this shopping bag.

2.Bruce Lee is famous for his martial arts.

3.The course is suitable for volleyball players who are beginners.

4.Teenagers in Hong Kong like Japanese food and culture.

5.Large tree trunks are crafted to make Japanese taiko drums.

6.Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in Hong Kong.

7.Listening to music is a good way to relax.

8.After using the clay dough, our hands become very rough.

9.On Sundays, many people go to church to worship their gods.

10.The Band performs their songs in the recital hall.

Part B Passage (80%)

[1]Hi Eric!

[2] I’m going on a camping trip in mid-July. It’s a sports camp and Jennie is going to join up too. I think we’ll have a great time learning new skills and trying out new water sports. Want to join us?

[3] The camp is called Waves of Fun. While we’re there, we’ll attend a sports clinic to improve our surfing and waterskiing skills. Best of all, star coach Simon Yip is going to be our instructor.

[4] Won’t it be great if all three of us get to train under Simon? We can even compete against each other. The campsite is right next to a beach. There’ll be a chance to go stargazing.

[5] Want the details? It’s an overnight (13-14 July) outdoor camp in Sai Kung, and the fee is $300. The deadline for signing up is Friday 3 June. Hope to see you there!

[6] Cheers
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