S1 English Language

Unit 5 Food Treats (Self-directed learning materials)

Part A Vocabulary

  Meaning Sample sentence
steam (v.) I love steamed barbecue pork buns.
boil (v.) 煮沸 My mom makes me a boiled egg for breakfast every day.
bake (v.) 烘,焗 She loves baking cake.
grill (v.) 燒烤 This grilled beef steak is delicious.
stir-fry (v.) I love Chinese stir-fry noodles.
deep-fry (v.) 油炸 Deep-fried chicken wings are very fatty.
toast (v.) 烤,烘 I just toast the bread you bought.
mix (v.) 混合,拌和 I mixed this salad myself.
slice (v.) 切成薄片 I sliced a pineapple for the party.
peel (v.) 剝去(水果、蔬菜的)皮 Could you peel an apple for me, please?

Part B Passage (80 marks)

[1] I love food, and my favourite food is noodles. The reason I visited Hong Kong was to try the noodles. Imagine my joy when I found two noodle restaurants right next to my hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui!

[2]I had a bowl of Chinese wonton noodles at one of them. It was very tasty and cheap. I had to eat quickly though. The noodles turn soft and taste bad when left too long in the soup.

[3] As I was still hungry, I went next door for Japanese ramen. Ramen were thicker than the wonton noodles. The soup was darker too because there was some soy sauce in it. My order came with some pork and green onions. Yummy! The serving was big and also more expensive than the wonton noodles.

(130 words)

Part C - Bonus (1 mark@, maximum 10 marks)

Popular Cha Chaan Teng Food

1. milk tea 奶茶 2. coffee 咖啡
3. iced lemon tea 冰檸檬茶 4. luncheon meat 午餐肉
5. French toast 西多士 6. egg waffle 雞蛋仔
7. sausages 香腸 8. pineapple bun 菠蘿包
9. egg tart 蛋塔 10. salad 沙律