S2 English Language

Unit 1 Things Popular (I)

Part A Vocabulary

David is the host of the news documentary on the Pearl Channel.

1.We often see office workers doing their documents on the tablet computer on the MTR.

2.We can find all sorts of stylish goods on the online craft stores.

3.The pretty models on runway are presenting the special trendy fashion of the coming season.

4.The teenage girls look boyish by putting on suits at the party.

5.You’d better have a haircut as the fringe has covered your eyes!

6.You should drink more water daily in order to prevent getting pimples on your forehead.

7.Mabel dressed up in a ‘bling-bling’ evening gown to attend the Christmas ball.

8.The print on the ‘Cheung Sam’ is made by an Indian fashion designer.

9.The dress is very expensive because of the delicate floral pattern.

Part B Passage

[1] The newest and sharpest looks can often be found on the street. Here, two top fashion bloggers share what catches their eye in their postings.

[2]This look is hot in Korea as well as other parts of Asia, and it keeps spreading. Flower boys wear bright-coloured clothing and have boyish hairstyles (often with a thick fringe that totally covers the forehead). They look pretty, fresh and clean.

Many Tokyoites enjoy dressing up. Look at what these young women are wearing: animal print, floral, ‘bling-bling’… Clearly, they’re dressing for fun and to look kawaii (cute). I like their attitude.

(100 words,each wrod: 1 mark)