S2 English Language

Unit 2 Growing Up

Part 1 Vocabulary

1.I am worried( ) about my exam results.

2.Many young people are addicted to( ) playing online games.

3.Some students have friendship problems( ). They don’t have friends.

4.Peter doesn’t want to go to school because he is being bullied by the S4 students.

5.Stealing( ) is wrong. We should not do it.

6.She felt guilty( ) after shouting at her mother.

7.Mr Chan owed( ) the bank a lot of money.

8.The singer has a lot of fans because of his appearance( ).

9.We should not spend too much value on material things( ).

Part B Passage

[1] Sorry to hear about your problems. I’m glad you wrote to me so I can help.

[2] First, you mentioned that you saw your friend commit a theft. Stealing is a very serious matter, so you should make sure there hasn’t been a misunderstanding.

[3] Ask your friend about it. Maybe the other girl owed your friend money, and told her she could get it from the purse herself. If your friend stole the money, tell her that she should return the money.

[4] I hope my advice helps. Feel free to write to me again if you have any other problems.