S2 English Language

Unit 3 Tech Talk

Part A Vocabulary(20%, @2 marks)

1.I am writing to express my views ( 表達我的看法 ) on using drones.

2.Remote-controlled drones ( 遙控無人機 ) are a threat to public safety ( 大眾的安全 ).

3.Nuclear bombs are a kind of deadly weapon. ( 致命的武器 )

4.The driver lost control of ( 控制不了 ) his car and crashed into ( 撞上了 ) a bus.

5.My second concern ( 關注的事情 ) is about privacy. ( 隱私權 )

6.We shouldn’t take away others’ belongings without permission. ( 未經許可 )

7.If we don’t follow traffic regulations ( 條例 ), traffic accidents will happen.

Part B Passage

[1] I believe remote-controlled drones are a threat to public safety. First of all, they can be a deadly weapon in case of misuse or careless use because their blades can injure or even kill people. The man crashed his drone at the tennis competition which was held at a stadium. He did not want to hurt anyone. He lost control of it. He was sorry about it.

[2] My second concern is about privacy. It is easy to use drones with built-in cameras to fly over private places and take photos or videos.

[3] In conclusion, I believe that we need strong and clear drone regulations. Drones are useful in many fields.

(110 words)