S3 English Language

Unit 1 Charity

Part 1 Vocabulary

Text 1

Vocabulary Chinese meaning Sample Sentence
1. the elderly (n.) 老年人 Please give up your seat to the elderly if they need it.
2. volunteer (v.) 自願做 I volunteered myself for the position of the class monitor.
3. annual (adj.) 一年一度的;每年的 The annual dinner of our company will be held in this hotel.
4. studio (n.) 工作室 She spent three months in her studio working on her latest song.
5. citizen (n.) 公民;市民 He applied to become an American citizen.
6. makeover (n.) 個人形象改造、美容 One of the prizes in the competition was a makeover in a top beauty salon.
7. photographer (n.) 攝影師 She is a professional photographer.
8. participant (n.) 參加者 The game is an international event with more than three thousand participants.
9. keepsake (n.) 紀念品 We were given books as keepsakes of the visit.
10. confident (adj.) 自信 Be a bit more confident in yourself!

Text 2

Vocabulary Chinese meaning Sample Sentence
11. charity (n.) 慈善 He does a lot of work for charity.
12. cause (n.) 目標、原則 I’ll sponsor you for $100 – it’s all in a good cause.
13. attention (n.)) 關注 They are organizing this activity to draw people’s attention to the harmful effects of the issue.
14. awesome (adj.) 非常厲害的 You look totally awesome in that dress.
15. recently (adv.) 最近、近來 Have you seen any good films recently?
16. brainchild (n.) 主意 The project was the brainchild of one of the students.
17. raise money (v phr) 籌款 If they can raise enough money, they can build a school in rural China.
18. India (n.) 印度 India has the second-largest population in the world.
19. outfit (n.) 服裝 I’m going to wear my vampire outfit for Halloween.
20. creative (adj.) 具創意的 She’s very creative on the design front.

Part B Passage

Text 1

[1] The older generation made Hong Kong a modern city and still have wisdom to share, but they are often forgotten by the younger people who have benefited from their work. Forget them no more. We need your help to make this snappy event a success.

[2] Volunteering will let you empower others, and offer you a chance to make friends, learn skills and give back to the community.

[3] You want to help, don’t you? Interested persons should send me an email. Please include your name and your phone number.

[4] You may also ask any questions you may have about the event.

[5] We look forward to hearing from all of you.

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Text 2

[6]CENTRAL Rat Race

[7] Every year Hong Kong has a “rat race” – a giant obstacle course through Central, with thousands of office workers dressed in fun costumes running to support MINDSET, a mental health charity.

[8] It’s mad, it’s wild, and it’s a spectacle you simply have to see!

[9] The golden toilet
Students at a US high school painted toilets gold and started leaving them in their friends’ front yards. Silly prank, right? Except they were actually raising money for cancer research. To “flush away” cancer, you could pay the students to move your toilet to someone else’s yard.

[10] Everyone had fun, and the cause got noticed. I really think this is how a charity fundraising event should be.

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