S3 English Language

Unit 3 Health and Beauty

Part A Vocabulary

Text 1

Vocabulary Chinese meaning Sample Sentence
1. attitude (n.) 看法;態度 It's often very difficult to change people's attitudes.
2.habit (n.) 習慣 You need to change your eating habit.
3. tease (v.) 戲弄;取笑 Don't tease him about his weight - it's cruel
4. popularity (n.) 流行程度;人氣 The band has enjoyed an unstoppable rise in popularity.
5. upset (adj.) 心煩意亂;難過 He was very upset that you didn't reply to his emails.
6. peer (n.) 同輩;同儕 Children are worried about failing in front of their peers.
7. unacceptable (adj.) 不能接受的 Such behaviour is totally unacceptable in a civilized society.
8. negative (adj.) 否定的;拒絕的 We received a negative answer to our request.
9. judgement (n.) 判斷力;識別力 She refused to make a judgement about the situation.
10. affect (n.) 影響;感染 It's a disease that affects mainly older people.

Text 2

Vocabulary Chinese meaning Sample Sentence
11. Diabetes (n.) 糖尿病 ---
12. give up (phr v.) 放棄 I give up - tell me the answer!
13. brew (n.) 混合物 They gave her a strange brew to drink.
14. strike (v.) 使受折磨;突然侵襲 They predict that a large earthquake will strike the west coast before the end of the decade.
15. genetic (adj) 基因的 • I'm attending a seminar on the latest developments in genetic research next week.
16. blame (n.) 責備;怪罪 If anything goes wrong, I'll take the blame.
17. ailments (n.) 籌款 Treat minor ailments yourself.
18. wig (n.) 假髮 She was wearing a blonde wig.
19. common (adj.) 常見的;普遍的 It's quite common to see couples who dress alike.
20. squeeze (v.) 擠壓 Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl.

Part B Passage

Text 1

[1] Introduction
The Student Union recently conducted a survey to find out what students think about their looks. This report describes the findings, conclusion, recommendations resulting from the survey.

[2] Findings
The main finding was that a large majority of respondents said they experienced peer pressure because of their looks. The area of highest concern was weight, followed by skin condition and teeth. A majority said being unpopular would hurt their self-esteem.

[3] Conclusion
It is clear that many students who took part in the survey were very concerned about appearance.

[4] Recommendation
It is recommended that school authorities look into promoting positive body image among young students, perhaps through health classes, in order to improve their self-esteem.

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Text 3

[5] It is unusual for film stars to show their faces without make-up or dark sunglasses. Yet big names like (Brad Pitt) and (Scarlet Johansson) did just that recently. Posing for a magazine “uncovered”. They hoped to get across the message that looking imperfect isn’t a bad thing.

[6] A popular teenage model and photo-blogger from Australia, recently announced she was done with photo-blogging. She quit social media because she felt empty and lonely from having to look perfect 24/7 for her online fans.

[7] This model is not the only one suffering. Her pretty looks were damaging her fans’ self-image too. Studies have suggested that looking at images of beauty puts pressure on people to look better, causing stress and lack of confidence.

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